Sunday, July 29, 2007

Week #5, Thing #11 Exploring the Web 2.0 Awards List

First I selected a site from the list of award winners -- I selected a travel search site, because I love to travel. In searching for airfares and deals, I did like that if the carrier only gave a price quote through their own site that it automatically directed you to the correct search screen at the carrier's site. It loaded quickly and I could easily go back to kayak to search for other options on carriers that did list their prices to compare. I also had the ability to sign up for fare alerts.

What was very nice about was that it allowed me to display different styles of screen, each containing different information, so I could choose the one that worked best for me. Having used sites like Travelocity before, I have wished for a better screen layout and kayak was an improvement.

Next, I ventured to Ning to sign up for a social network. Once I registered, which was quick and easy, I browsed through the list of possible networks and was surprised at the variety of groups on their most active list. I checked out "Kids Read" and thought this site could be very useful as a means to share and swap library ideas, dilemmas, and book recommendations.

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