Sunday, August 5, 2007

Week #6, Thing #14 Technorati & how tags work

I searched for "School Library 2.0" the three ways, blog, tag, and blog directory and was surprised that my initial search led to a blog of some "swingers"...interesting how that worked. I had much better luck with searching tags and was able to find blog posts from fellow Library 2.0ers. I was also successful finding Library 2.0 when searching by blog directory and actually explored some good-looking blogs and thought-provoking blog entries made by LMTs.

When I explored to find the most popular searches, I was surprised (guess I shouldn't be!) that the most popular searches included the "Johana Cardon sex tape" (I must be really out of it since this is the first I have heard of this Columbian star and her video exploits!) and "Paris Hilton" is also very popular right now...why? I have no idea what keeps her in the news! So I guess this could be very useful for keeping your finger on the pulse of popular culture, but maybe I'd like to keep my finger on the pulse of something else!

My final thoughts for today about tagging are this: I don't think I would send students to tagging sites like without extreme caution. It could easily end up being a waste of their time, and mine, if they were to go without some good advice and guidance from their teachers and librarian. They might also be led to places they really shouldn't be. Is it just me or does it seem like many folks out there overuse and abuse tags to draw people to their blogs? Will you find there is truth in their taggy "advertising"? Much of the time, probably not.

It is unfortunate that blogs are being used so often for pointless communication of mindless crap, but I guess one man's crap is another man's treasure, and I am just one lone little voice in a sea of technorati abusers. Just another 2 cents...

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