Monday, August 27, 2007

Week #7, Thing #16 Wikis

I have been trying to learn more about wikis and have set a goal for myself to set up a wiki this school year, so I really appreciated this lesson.

I could hardly stop reading the Book Lovers Wiki by Princeton Public Library! It is just fun to see what other people think of different books and now I know it is another good place to get ideas on what to add to our collection. I also checked out CSLA conference wiki and the AP World History wiki for other ideas. I would like to have a wiki similar to the Book Lovers wiki for my student club, The Library Club, as a place for them to post reviews on books they have read. Linked to our school library page it would be a great place to send other students when they were wondering what to read next. I also would like to be able to feel competent enough by the spring to train teachers at my school in how to apply wikis to their class curriculum. That AP World History wiki would be a good example of how it could be used in a classroom to stimulate conversation and communication between students.

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