Sunday, August 5, 2007

Week #6, Thing #13 Tagging &

Thanks for introducing me to this tool. I enjoyed the tutorial (even though it took almost an hour to view it through my slow home computer! Think I need a new one??) and learned quite a bit.

I especially like the fact that this service could be easily applied to students and teachers who are working collaboratively on projects or ongoing committees. I could see groups like student council/leadership classes and site council using this service to research issues and share findings. But really the application could be used in so many ways if more teachers & administrators (and students and parents) knew about this tool. Wouldn't that be great?? Not to mention just keeping the browser efficient and organized for myself!

I also like the fact that if I am looking for information quickly I can see what sites/articles others have already found on the topic. Another helpful timesaver for busy teachers and librarians.

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