Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Week #9, Thing #21 Podcasts

Podcasts have a lot to offer libraries and librarians. For this lesson, I explored and listened to some library-related podcasts. One was "BookVoyages" which has many episodes on the subject of children's literature and related topics. Another one was LibVibe, with more episodes on varying library-related matters. Overall this is a good way of gleening information, especially if you are accustomed to listening to talk radio or if you are an auditory learner.

I think podcasts are an opportunity to add a little technololgy to the library or to other curricular areas with little effort or special equipment or training. A few headphones and you're in business. It is good to increase communications and make lessons available to students and teachers 24/7. I also like the sound of a friendly voice, and appropriate emotion added to exciting topics, like good books!

In my library (which is a joint-use facility between our high school and the county public library system) I would like to see podcasts available on basic library lessons such as using the county catalog, caring for school textbooks, how to request a books, or even a quick library tour of what services we have to offer for new students. I have subscribed to a couple of podcasts today that will remind me of topics to apply to my own library in the future.

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